Monday, August 4, 2008

Camping must haves

So after several trips I started to think about what the must haves no particular order:

Tiki torches. four torches really help to light up the sight without the glare of a lantern. It also does a good job on the bugs.

Coleman on demand hot water. The water heater is the best. It makes washing up not such a chore, weather it be dishes or your body! Especially when you only have a few dishes.

Wood tarp. A piece of scrap tarp to cover the wood and fire pit.

Grill basket. I cook on the fire about 90 percent of the time. Most campsites have a grill on the fire place, but I don't worry about how clean it is if I use a grill basket. I have two.

Butane stove. I have a butane stove that just clicks on. You can use them inside or out. It is really a catering piece of equipment. I get gas canisters at a chinese grocer at 4 cans for $5.99. They don't last as long as propane, but the fire is hotter. I don't cook in the camper much.

Coleman 5-day cooler. I have the one on wheels and it really does work better.

Dining canopy with hanging tent. This has been a great addition to keep gear in and have a space that feels like outside when the weather is icky. My dog likes to stay in there to get away from the flies and bugs.

Porta-potty. Don't like going outside at night. Nuff said.

Door mat. Helps keep the camper clean.

Coleman outdoor kitchen. I have a suitcase kitchen that is a great dish washing stand and prep center.

Plastic table cloth. It is easier to dry off the picnic table with the plastic table cloth.

Saw, hatchet and axe. I refuse to pay $5 for a small bundle of wood. And... never transport firewood. It can devastate a local forest. I also have a pair of hand clippers.

Flannel sheets. I camp in the mountains... much warmer.

WD-40. When it rains, things rust.

Brush and dust pan. camping is dirty.

Rubbermaid bins. I have a heavy duty one for tools and use regular ones for clothing. I use two smaller ones. They fit great under the over hang of the rear bed.
I am sure I can add more... :)

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Miss Pearl said...

Thanks for the list. I have been wondering about the hot water on demand system. Getting new 'shoes' for Miss Pearl this week. Then we get to hit the road.