Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well... I replaced all the plugs....and still no blinky. There is something wrong with the socket. It got the saga will continue tomorrow. I hate to do it..but I may have to just use the magnetic lights. :(

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trailer lights,,,, UGH!

Well... the bulb was blown, but that isn't the only problem. I think I have found the problem.... I have multiple connectors to go from a 6 to 4 pin. The 6 pin on the trailer had one terminal that was VERY corroded...despite being only 6 months old. Must be all the rain we have had. I took it apart and cleaned it...but I think I need to get a new one. Worse come to worse... I will geri-rig my magnetic ones on. Hopefully I can fix the lights tomorrow. ugh.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Blinker bulb blew....ugh!!!

My left rear bargman bulb blew. I took the bulb to an auto parts place...and they sold me the wrong one. I will have to search the forums to find the right part number. Today I installed a new 12v light fixture so I can read in bed. I got it at vintage trailer suppley. It was easy to install...and is nice and bright. I also finally took my tire with the slow leak to get fixed. There was a nail in it. Now....just gotta get a bulb for my next trip!!!!

Garry's Metzendorf

It is always great to see photos of other Metzendorfs. No two seem to be the same. I have gotten great ideas for my trailer. I really like the access to the storage box on both sides of the trailer. Mine storage is like a deep dark hole.

I love the travel stickers on the door!

Get your own Metzendorf!

Well this one I found is actually a 1970. From what I understand, the company was sold around 1963. You can still see some of the original design in this one.... if you love 70's decore..this is the Metz for you!

1970 Metzendorf 15 ft. Camping Trailer - $1900 (Marshallville)
Reply to: see belowDate: 2008-08-10, 11:12PM EDT
15 ft. Metzendorf camping trailer was professionally painted in 2000 in as near to the original color as possible. It has original interior in the wonderful 1970 color scheme. There is a gas fridge, furnace, stove/oven, light. The table and the sofa convert into beds. The flooring has been replaced. A new awning has been used less than 6 times. There is a closet large enough for a port-a-potty. Lots of storage space. All in very good condition. Selling due to health reasons. Please call 330-855-3151. Our asking price is $1900.00 but will consider your best offer. Thank you.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beaverkill Again!

I went to Beaverkill this past weekend...instead of working on the camper before a big trip to the Dacks. I had a spot once again on the river. I took the photo of the dorf from the river's edge. It was down a bit and had warmed up. I think all the big fish were sleeping...or went to cooler waters. I had a lot of nibbles...but no fish this weekend. I did see a green hummingbird, canvasback ducks.... and a lot of guys wearing a lot of fishing gear. They didn't catch anything either.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Waxing the camper

I only have waxed on side of the trailer. Due to oxidation...the dirt just sticks to her. After my last trip I washed the exterior and realized how dirty she was. I am going to wax the camper and try and get most of the aluminum polished. I also think I am going to paint the rest of the front of the trailer where the paint is pretty worn, but not enough to strip it down to aluminum.

My sister bought a 1960 Shasta 14 foot camper. She is planning on putting her camper into the local vocational program, (BOCES in NYS) to have it painted. She did this with her car and they did a good job. She only has to pay for the paint. It takes a little longer...but it is during the winter. I may consider doing the same if hers turns out good.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Metzendorf for Sale! Get your own!!

Located on Craiglist...see link below
Vintage 1959 Metzendorf Travel Trailer - $2500 (Cave Junction) 1959 Metzendorf 14ft clear title and registered Excellant Condition, Everything Works 8 Windows (one is in the door) Screen Door Sink 3 Burner Stove Icebox Propane inside lamps Double Bed in rear with Cot bed above Dining table that turns into second bed in the front Awning Silver outside, wood inside All orginal, no leaks or problems at all. For more info please call 592-2774 leave message if no answer

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Polishing aluminum

When I was cleaning up the boat I used to have, I found this product to clean all sorts of metal products. It does remove rust. Some of the screws that attach the aluminum are a little rusty and this stuff does a good job. Even when the material gets black, it still works well. I sometimes wipe and get the surface wet an then use very, very fine steel wool to help remove the oxidation. I use a clean rag to wipe off the excess black stuff. It is a bit of work, but it does buff up. Before the final buffing, I was the trailer with warm soapy water. The black stuff comes of the white paint with soapy water and then waxing. I am still working on this started getting dark and the skeeters came out.
I actually used Goo Gone to remove the black film. I stumbled upon using it when I was removing some tape from sections of the aluminum. It works better than soapy water. I almost think the final polish with paper towel was better too.

Little project

Tonight I took care of a few little projects that bothered me. The rusty cap for the shore power and the license plate bracket. Neither was made of aluminum, so I cleaned them up and then painted them with chrome rustoleum.

Trout obsession

This weekend I think I am going to the Beaverkill...without the camper. It was such good fishing last weekend that I just want to go throw a line back in. I think the dog and I will head it alone. Sorry dorf...although the Subaru will probably be happy!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Trailering tips

During heavy rainstorms when I am trailering, my front window sometimes leaks. I use a clear duct tape on the middle window joints and it seems to work. I need to replace the gasket, but I wonder if this will really help in heavy downpours.

I also put down the dinette into a bed and cover the cushions with a plastic fitted sheet. I can then put whatever gear on the cushions without really worrying about getting them dirty or wet.

I also bungee the two cabinet handles about the sink. This cabinet often flies open.

I don't have a bumper or a place to put the huge spare tire. I just put this in the drop floor area. It is a pain in the butt at the I have to keep it outside. I just put it in a contractors garbage bag. If it gets wet, I can just put the dry tire in when I pack up and fold up the bag. The contractors bag are rugged enough to hold the heavy tire. I actually keep several on hand to use as mini-tarps while camping.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Camping must haves

So after several trips I started to think about what the must haves no particular order:

Tiki torches. four torches really help to light up the sight without the glare of a lantern. It also does a good job on the bugs.

Coleman on demand hot water. The water heater is the best. It makes washing up not such a chore, weather it be dishes or your body! Especially when you only have a few dishes.

Wood tarp. A piece of scrap tarp to cover the wood and fire pit.

Grill basket. I cook on the fire about 90 percent of the time. Most campsites have a grill on the fire place, but I don't worry about how clean it is if I use a grill basket. I have two.

Butane stove. I have a butane stove that just clicks on. You can use them inside or out. It is really a catering piece of equipment. I get gas canisters at a chinese grocer at 4 cans for $5.99. They don't last as long as propane, but the fire is hotter. I don't cook in the camper much.

Coleman 5-day cooler. I have the one on wheels and it really does work better.

Dining canopy with hanging tent. This has been a great addition to keep gear in and have a space that feels like outside when the weather is icky. My dog likes to stay in there to get away from the flies and bugs.

Porta-potty. Don't like going outside at night. Nuff said.

Door mat. Helps keep the camper clean.

Coleman outdoor kitchen. I have a suitcase kitchen that is a great dish washing stand and prep center.

Plastic table cloth. It is easier to dry off the picnic table with the plastic table cloth.

Saw, hatchet and axe. I refuse to pay $5 for a small bundle of wood. And... never transport firewood. It can devastate a local forest. I also have a pair of hand clippers.

Flannel sheets. I camp in the mountains... much warmer.

WD-40. When it rains, things rust.

Brush and dust pan. camping is dirty.

Rubbermaid bins. I have a heavy duty one for tools and use regular ones for clothing. I use two smaller ones. They fit great under the over hang of the rear bed.
I am sure I can add more... :)

Beaverkill Campground in the Catskills

I made reservations for the weekend because there was only a 10 percent chance of rain. Well...Friday the forecast changed. It rained off and on Saturday and Sunday. I did get some play time in though. It felt more like no tubing. Saturday morning I caught a beautiful rainbow trout, 14 inches. A buddy of mine came and ate it for dinner..cooked on the campfire. Sunday morning I went back to my spot. They were biting like crazy, but my hook was wrong. I caught a 10 inch brown trout. I tossed him back. I then changed to a bigger hook and caught another 14 inch rainbow. Not a bad weekend at all.
My site was right on the river. When I was up in VT a few weeks ago. The Catskills also got hammered with rain. The river I was on was up 6 feet. It still was higher than I was a month ago. The roads were in really rough shape and some of the bridges were still closed.
The mattresses I got from Ikea are the best. It couldn't be more comfortable.