Monday, January 5, 2009

Hibernating and dreams of summer....

While the camper is sleeping I have begun to plan the adventures for 2009. It looks like next summer is wrapping up to be adventures in the Adirondacks and Catskill Mountains. You need to book far in advance to get the good sites, or rather lake front sites.

I started thinking of trailer projects for this year. I had planned on putting a gaslight over the dinette, but have opted for another 12 volt light from vintage trailer supply. I will probably get more use out of it. I also think I need to invest in a new solar panel. The one I have is about 7 to ten years old and doesn't seem to work so well anymore. I also am going to get a new portable water jug. NYSDEC campgrounds don't have hookups and I don't have a water tank (yet). I think I am going to get this one. It has a spigot on it and gets good reviews.
I also want to consider getting an easier loading roof rack for the canoe....but some of them cost some big or at least more than the camper cost.

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