Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Travels

Well, I have been neglectful. I have been really busy travelling. This summer has taken me to the Catskills and Hudson River to camp. A great addition this summer has been solar string lights. They are awesome. They are lcd lights and don't really attract bugs. I have a set that were xmas lights and just got some more for summer at Target. They are really worth the 20 bucks. Unfortunately I lost my camera after hiking Slide Mountain, the tallest mountain in the Catskills. I put the camera on the roof of my car and drove...oops. Well I wanted a new one and already replaced it with a little fuji. Love it...water proof and shock proof. These photos are from the Canon and Blackberry. A new addition this year has also been cots for the dogs..they love em and they stay a little cleaner. Next week I am off to Cape Cod for a week, the first time with shore power!!! Should be fun.