Monday, July 9, 2012

Winhall Brook Campground in the Green Mountains, VT

FEMA runs a campground on the West River in the Green Mountains of Vermont. I got a site with a leanto. This was great to put the excess gear in. I recommend getting one if you can. We brought our screen from our screen room and hung it across the open side. Instant screen room! Was here for the week of 4th of July. Was great except for the generators... see previous post.

Private beach and swimming hole. The water was deep enough to swim and current strong enough to create an endless pool!

Campfire with great view of West River!

Hamilton Falls -- water much colder than West River!!

Grout Pond and view of Stratton

A 'leanto' not the one I was using...forgot to take a photo of my site!

Best chicken BBQ!

Keep me away from Generatorville!!

I camp to get away from the sounds of civilization, cars, mowers, blowers, weedwackers, get the picture. I also try and camp at campgrounds with few amenities, which also means electric. In recent years, the use of generators has increased dramatically.  This year, I camped at North South Lake in the Catskills and Winhall Brook in the Green Mountains (VT) and at each campground there was a choir of generators.

At North South Lake, generators are limited to morning and afternoon hours. They are supposed to be off by 6pm. We spent one day at our site and there were about 3 popups that had them running a good portion of the day. It turned an otherwise lovely woodsy lakeside site into what sounded like a construction site. I wrote a letter to the NYSDEC the next week requesting that put all the generator people on a remote area, away from the lake. They said they had been getting a lot of complaints in recent years. At least they limit the hours.

I just got back from Winhall Brook Campground, a FEMA run facility. The only limit on generators was that you couldn't run them during quiet hours -- from 10pm to 6am. That is just CRAZY!! Who wants to hear a generator run all that time. Well... there was a whole group of people at the center of the campground. Seemed like they were having a family reunion -- we called the group Generatorville. They had big rigs and big generators. The first night they ran on all night long. If I was closer... I would have left. Luckily I was by a river rapid and it covered some of the noise. I told the park ranger the next day and he said they would keep an eye on the group. Well they did turn them off at 10 pm. Nothing like sitting by the fire and hearing a bunch of generators so they can run their AC, TVs, ... and whatever. One night the group turned off their generators all at the same time -- 10 PM. There was quite the applause from other campers. Their were response was "it just turned 10 o'clock" of which a reply was yelled out "Go back to the city!" I know many people have generators... but really. Get a freaking Honda and don't run it all day. If you don't want to really camp go to a hotel or a place with electric hookups.

On a bright note, the largest 5th-wheel rig there that had satellite TV, lights, etc, etc, never turned on a generator all week. They never use them. They had a solar panel on the top of the trailer that kept their batteries charged. And, this family lives in the trailer traveling all over the country. I myself use a solar panel to recharge my one battery to run my 12v light system. That is my generator rant. Sorry to all you generator users...but really. The noise is just awful.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring is here!

Looks like spring has hit the Hudson Valley! It is time for me to start getting the camper ready for our first outing. I need to order a new marker light to replace one that got scraped off backing into the garage. My assistant forgot to watch BOTH sides of the trailer!  (at least no other damage!) I will order one from Vintage Trailer Supply.

I am not good about keeping a charge on the I need to start waking her up.

I want to remove the original propane refrigerator and put in basic storage. I may get it fixed....or just keep it for the future owner to deal with. I found a specialty lumber yard -- right around the corner from my new house-- where I can get birch to make a new door.  I think the increased storage space will be great.

We are still looking into a replacement for our screen room. I had a hanging tent for a quick up screen room. It worked will to store excess gear, but the 50 MPH winds kinda did the popup structure in. I am looking into all alternatives. I found a tent system I really liked that is made in Australia -- but I it would cost more than my camper. So the search continues.

I am sure the camper enjoyed it's hibernation in a garage at the new house. It was nice to keep the snow and weather off of her. Can't wait to for Memorial Day to head to the Mountains!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Making reservations

A late start to say the least, but making some reservations for summer 2012. In NY state, the public campgrounds can be booked I think 9 months in advance. Vermont is about 11 months. But,,, good old FEMA sites (not many) book only 6 months in advance. Getting a good site...or any site takes planning in advance.  You can risk it and wait to the last minute. People often cancel for whatever reason. I don't like to risk it.

I also have a to do list this winter. The last backing into the garage... I scraped off a side light. My co-pilot who was guiding me didn't do the best job. I also have to fix the dog cots. They sound ridiculous, but the dogs do stay cleaner. I think I am going to replace the canvas with old-fashioned webbing.

I am amazed and humbled to the number of people who respond to this blog. I saw tonight I just topped 23,000 hits! wow.