Thursday, February 28, 2013

Considering selling my Metzendorf

I can't believe it, but I am considering selling my Metzendorf. I love the little camper, but we have purchased land in with a primitive camp in VT. I still may just park it there and use as a spare bedroom but am starting to think that I should let her be adopted by someone who really wants this special little camper. I won't need a camper this size to keep in my garage (the law where I live).

I may just keep her through this summer and finish a few things I wanted to do and see how she works out. Our thinking is that we might want to get something a little larger as the spare bedroom...although the camp is pretty small.  It is less than 400SF... so may the little camper will be just perfect!


Sue Smith said...

We can understand your thinking as far as selling your Metzendorf.

We've had the same thoughts for the past couple summers,as haven't taken ours out on the road since we traded our tow vehicle in on a new car. Our Metzendorg has been sitting in our garage taking up space.

We go back and forth between buying another tow vehicle and keeping the Metzendorf or selling the Metzendorf.

We know we would have a hard time finding another Vintage Camper as unique as the Metzendorf. Hopefully we will make up our minds soon:-)

Wishing you the best in what ever you decide.

Charles and Sue

Anonymous said...

I just acquired a 1964 Metzie, a 15 footer according to the title. I live in the rainy northwest, and have found the perfect answer to getting the rv off the driveway and into my garage (with 7' door). Would love to contact other Metzie owners. Don't know how to do the blog thing. A forum of sorts would be great.

jAne said...

I would be os so very seriously interested in buying your sweet metzendorf. Please contact me at ladyjanesjournal at gmail dot com. Thank you kindly.

Kathleen said...

I have just acquired my "free" 1963 Metzendorf Trailer. I live in Washington State. Someone stole the wheels and tires before I came on the scene so I need to purchase some before I can bring it home. I'm looking forward to talking to others as well.