Thursday, September 5, 2013

Metzendorf For Sale! $4,499 Again June 2014!!

We have decided to really put her for sale. I am listing her here first while I develop the full listing, inventory and photos. We have brought her back down to White Plains, New York. This is where it will stay until sold.

There are no leaks on the camper. When I got her, Fletch from Fletcher's Vintage Trailer went fully over her. Many parts of the camper are original, to include most of the original speckle paint. The cushions and bed are all made from Ikea comfy latex mattresses. I furnace and two burner stove works, but I have not gotten the small gas fridge working. I didn't really try --  just use it for storage.

I will post more soon. But for now, you can go through the blog to see every thing I have done. I am selling her for $3,999. Feel free to email me at corbitt.tracey (at)