Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Window gasket

I installed the new gasket on four windows...I think I am short about a foot of the grey gasket. Was so easy to install. I would have liked to polished the windows before doing this, but it really needed to be done. One window the gasket would sometimes come out when I towed the camper.


Sue Smith said...

We have enjoyed reading your experience in restoring your Metzendof. Could you give us an order no. for the gasket you used for your windows. Also does your front window have stationary ones on each side of one that opens? If so the stationary ones take a different type of gasket. Do you know where we can get that. We just bought a Metzendorf, and didn't realize all the work we would have to do to get it road worthy. Have more questions, but will wait for another time. Keep up the good work!

The Dorf said...

I ordered the window gasket from Vintage Trailer Supply. There is a link on my blog. The windows on the sides and rear are awning style and I used this product:
Hehr Standard Glass Seal (24' Length)
Product Code: VTS-195X
The standard length it came in is about 3-4 feet short for doing all the windows. It was really simple to install.

My front awning window is a crank window and has a different seal. It does leak while in tow during heavy downpours. I need to replace the seal, but haven't spent the time to figure out what product I need.