Monday, February 16, 2009

Metzendorf for Sale!

1967 Metzendorf camper for sale on Craigslist. Approximately 12 ft long. Has accommodations for four. Has two burner stove, hand pump sink, bed at one end and table/bed at the other end. Has propane light and electric system. Room for closed/portapotty. Needs new cushions and some other work (its over 40 years old). Does not leak. Easy to tow. Perfect for towing behind your vintage vehicle. Have clear Maryland title. Asking $850.00. Photos @ Better interior views added 1/23. Contact Ron at 410 703 9936 or Bill at 302 238 7809.
Here are few of the pics...just when I said I haven't seen a late 60s model!!

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The Dorf said...

seems like a good project...and not bad for $850. Looks like it used to have the furnace and fridge...but they are gone. Looks like th gaucho couch still works?