Thursday, December 6, 2007

Extra Credit: What Does Metzendorf Mean?

Metzendorf is a surname that is from the German language. It can be split into two basic words – Metzen and Dorf. Metzen is the metonymic (a name derived from) occupational name for a cutler (someone who makes knives). It is derived from Middle Low German messet, metset ‘knife’, ‘dagger’ or Middle High German metz(e) ‘knife’. Dorf is a nickname or topographic name for someone who lived in a village. The meaning of Metzendorf is essentially “the village knife-maker.”


madbunny said...

hey Dorf,
i'm Mr. Martin's grand-nephew. just to throw a monkey wrench into the works: our family is hungarian. Martin's father's (my great grandfather's) name was Miczindor, which was most likely a Magyarization of a German name. The name was changed, as were so many others, at Ellis Island when he immigrated.

thanks ,
Brin Metzendorf

The Dorf said...

thanks for the comment!! I stand the need to edit!

Love the trailer.. hard to find info about it. I just broke down the name using one of those acestry websites. I just set up this blog so I friends could see the rehab of the trailer.