Saturday, August 29, 2009

My sister's Shasta

My sister loved my trailer so much, she went out and got her own tin can. She got hers on Ebay for about $400. I love the color's she chose. It is a 16 foot and it is amazing how big it is because it is taller. Hers is a 1964. She came up to Rollins Pond as well. She didn't have one of the nice lake front sites.


Natasha said...

I am enjoying your blog! It helps to read what
Others have done . I really like the green color of
Your sisters Shasta. Did she paint it herself? If so
I would live the know what type if paint she used
And the color
many thanks!

The Dorf said...

My sister painted it with enamel paint. She did it herself. I asked if they remember the color.... and they didn't. I posted a link to her blog.... not as lengthy as mine. They did photo document a lot of their project, but haven't posted it.