Sunday, July 13, 2008

A few more projects

Well, I finished the awning. I will take photos next week when she is all set up at her site in VT. I spent the weekend getting her ready for a 9-night adventure in VT. Now that I have used the dorf a few times, I am realizing what works and what doesn't. I don't need a hanging closet, that's for sure. So I just put up two shelves in the closet. I will probably modify them or add more. I just wanted a start to better organize the space. I also got a hanging tent for inside my dining canopy. I wanted wind walls for rainy days. Well the full tent that hangs inside the canopy cost the same. I will take photos of it next week. I had never seen such a tent. I would like more screen area, but I think it will be good.


Miss Pearl said...

Thanks for the blog! I am the new owner of a '59 Metzendorf "Miss Pearl". She was up for sale in Oregon last month. A couple questions for ya... where do you store your batteries in your trailer? What are your thoughts about the polishability of the exterior. My whole exterior is silver and a bit oxidized but still has a shine. I am just not sure I am up to the whole task myself. Thanks!

The Dorf said...

Congrats! My battery is located in the front compartment under the dinette seat next to the door. I think I would have rather it been stored in the rear. I use a solar panel to recharge the battery, but have yet to install a way to have it plug into the outside. I just have the cord go out the door and put the panel on top of the trailer.

You surely can shine her up. Vintage Trailer Supply, ( has polishing items and info on how to polish aluminum. They are pretty when they shine! Good luck