Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day Weekend I set up camp at Winhall Brook Camping Area in Vermont. It is an Army Corp Site. My spot was located right at the confluence of Winhall Brook and the West River. This time my weekend was 5 nights, so I really got to work on figuring out how to set up the camper.

I have a hanging closet that I think I would rather turn into a shelving unit for storage. I used my thule carrier on the ground for suitcases and got clothes as needed. I need more storage hooks near the door for keys, lighters, etc. The solar panel works great for recharging the 12v system. I haven't figured out how I want to route the wire...right now I am shutting in the door. I was doing all my cooking outside...until my butane stove ran out of gas. So, I fired up the burner inside for my coffee. I wouldn't want to cook anything too smelly. Having the propane heater is awesome... it works so well that I actually have to keep a window open. I was about 40 one night.

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