Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring is here!

Looks like spring has hit the Hudson Valley! It is time for me to start getting the camper ready for our first outing. I need to order a new marker light to replace one that got scraped off backing into the garage. My assistant forgot to watch BOTH sides of the trailer!  (at least no other damage!) I will order one from Vintage Trailer Supply.

I am not good about keeping a charge on the I need to start waking her up.

I want to remove the original propane refrigerator and put in basic storage. I may get it fixed....or just keep it for the future owner to deal with. I found a specialty lumber yard -- right around the corner from my new house-- where I can get birch to make a new door.  I think the increased storage space will be great.

We are still looking into a replacement for our screen room. I had a hanging tent for a quick up screen room. It worked will to store excess gear, but the 50 MPH winds kinda did the popup structure in. I am looking into all alternatives. I found a tent system I really liked that is made in Australia -- but I it would cost more than my camper. So the search continues.

I am sure the camper enjoyed it's hibernation in a garage at the new house. It was nice to keep the snow and weather off of her. Can't wait to for Memorial Day to head to the Mountains!