Sunday, January 29, 2012

Making reservations

A late start to say the least, but making some reservations for summer 2012. In NY state, the public campgrounds can be booked I think 9 months in advance. Vermont is about 11 months. But,,, good old FEMA sites (not many) book only 6 months in advance. Getting a good site...or any site takes planning in advance.  You can risk it and wait to the last minute. People often cancel for whatever reason. I don't like to risk it.

I also have a to do list this winter. The last backing into the garage... I scraped off a side light. My co-pilot who was guiding me didn't do the best job. I also have to fix the dog cots. They sound ridiculous, but the dogs do stay cleaner. I think I am going to replace the canvas with old-fashioned webbing.

I am amazed and humbled to the number of people who respond to this blog. I saw tonight I just topped 23,000 hits! wow.