Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This summer's great new camping things

1. Solar outdoor string lights. I usually camp where there is no electricity. The solar lights are awesome for providing just enough light to get around and make the site kinda fun. Best part, the LED don't seem to attract bugs!
2. Super large tarp. For long trips, I got a super large tarp that covers the whole site... 20x30. It really was nice on the long trip when it rained.
3. Wood decking. I got wood decking tiles 2x2 feet. Just six of them. It made a great deck at the door step...and inside the outdoor shower. I got them at a Christmas Tree Shop.
4. Dahon folding bike. I really liked the folding bike....fits in the trailer and makes all the little trips so much faster.
5. Telescoping ladder. It is a real luxury... not used often...but the right tool for the job of putting up the tarp. Best way to get the lines up really high.
6. Large power pack. I got a Wagan power pack... the deluxe model. I was able to recharge it with my solar panel. Was great.
7. Osprey backpack. Love em...got 2 sizes. Got the 35 cu size.

Getting ready for the last camp of the season. Columbus Day in the Catskills. Hope the leaves are at peak. Looking forward to the view from Hunter Mountain!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rollins Pond, Adirondacks

Spent a week in the Adirondack at Rollins Pond. Rollins is easy access to the St. Regis Canoe Reservation, 18,000 acres of lakes, streams, ponds. The picture of the camper by itself was just before we left. We put up a HUGE tarp that covered our site. I got a telescoping ladder so we could get the tarp up high. I was great on the rainy days. Spent the trip either paddling or hiking. Went up to Avalanche Lake in the high peaks. Was just splendid and saw the remnants of a real avalanche.

Mongaup Pond, Catskills

Took a quick weekend in the Catskills. I knew the weather was going to be good, so we went with the minimal. I think having some type of
awning is always needed to keep the dew off of things. We saw a bear across water from our site. Mongaup has a lot of bears.

I got a Dahon folding bike. It is great for all those little trips. Also use
it for exercising the dogs.

Provincetown, MA

We took the camper out of New York and to the beach! Was quite a different camping experience on all counts. The sites were super small, but we had electric. We stayed at Coastal Acres. We were there at the end of July and it was pretty hot. I purchased a power pack that could charge anything and has a pump. It was really handy.

I hooked up my handheld shower so that it worked like a faucet. Hot water at the campsite is the best!