Thursday, July 16, 2009

New this summer

This summer I have done a few things. I had my hitch and electric installed by U-haul. Well, U-haul spliced the wires to install the electric..and it failed after about a year. Well it wasn't so apparent, but i had to have my mechanic fix it. They got the plug in harness for my car and repaired the splice.

The water carrier on wheels is awesome. It is the envy of many at the water spigot. I have city water, but I mainly camp at sites without electric or water.

I installed 12v light fixture that I got at vintage trailer over the dinette. I had the mount where a gas lamp usually goes. I decided to go with electric because I really run most items on a solar power charged deep cell battery. It is great to have another light.

I finally installed a grommet so I have a third pole on my awning. Works much better.

Busy, busy, busy...

Oh I have been negligent to the site, but I have been camping in the Catskills!