Sunday, March 30, 2008

The view from above

While filming some other stuff, I couldn't help but film a little of the dorf. Fletch repaired where a tree went through the roof. The previous owners did a nasty repair.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Cleaning...the movie!

Here is a little movie....of the dorf in the midst of cleaning. I took out the table and such to move around. Tis' a little damp and cold out today...but warm in the dorf with the heater on.

Other new images

Here we are at home. The dark spot on the upper panel is actually a shiny spot that I cleaned.

New vent and ceiling repair

Fletch fixed the damaged roof and fixed the original ceiling vent. He also put in a hookup for a deep cell 12v battery so I can run the 12v light without being hooked up to a car. I also plan to install a couple of 12v outlets to run cell phone charges, mp3 etc. I also plan on putting in a car stereo. I have a solar panel that I will use to charge the battery.

Reinstalling the doors

I decided to make two new doors to replace ones that got too damaged by water. Some of the hardware was a little pitted and rusted, so I decided to paint the handles and just get new hinges that matched the old hinges in size and shape. I thought the silver color better matched the rest of the aluminum in the interior.

Coming Home!

On Tuesday March 25th, I picked up the trailer at Fletchers. Was fun to see her after a bath!

Fletch worked on the electric, the gas lines, repaired the roof, and the water lines. He did a few other things as well.

Curtains Done!

I finished the curtains last weekend. I think it took me a couple of hours to do the first set...then it got real quick. My old workhorse of a machine works great on heavy fabrics.